Friday, 6 March 2015

Flawless Underground power distribution

Metro Power Construction is a highly expert superior voltage infrastructure company as well as a foremost member of the Electrical Contractors of Canada. The company is not only an expert in providing A1 class services to the civilians of Canada but also has achieved economies of scale. The economies of scale have not only helped metro power to gain a presence in Canada but also the civilians have been hugely benefited by the same. The company provides various awe inspiring services at shockingly low price quotes. The company considers itself to be provide initial much to have been able to contract and offer infrastructure solutions all over the North America.
The company depends on a very sophisticated and expert workforce which gives way to the company in order to accomplish the industry standards. With our vast experience and expertise Metro Power is well versed to offer good quality solutions to any electrical infrastructure wants. The services are often customized as per customer requirements which have helped the company’s workforce gain expertise in all areas pertaining to power distribution services.
The Metro Power Construction is extremely capable in order to surpass the level of competition offered and also maintain the quality of the service provided really high. The main commitment of the company is the safety of its workforce. Safety comes first in the eyes of metro power construction and they stay committed to check that every Metro Power Construction work site is extremely secure and safe. The safety measures are not only taken in order to protect the company’s valuable workforce but also to protect the general public in every possible manner. The company offers numerous other services like power pole replacement, underground power distribution and other essential services.
Metro Power offers underground distribution service for both residential and commercial desires. Both of these services include primary and secondary installation like the following:

Fibre Optic Installation

Cable Installations and Removals

System upgrades

Installation of all distribution equipment, i.e. transformers, switching gear

Emergency Response


Cable Splicing



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