Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Metro power services for Nation Building

A specialized high voltage company, Metro Power Construction is a specialized power generation company. Many years of experience have taught us predefined standards for customer service. Working with a dedicated workforce we exceed our customer expectations and provide high quality construction and maintenance of power lines.

Commitment and Health Safety                         
Metro power Construction knows that the workforce is valued and extreme care for the security and safety of the employees is taken. It is this commitment, which makes Metro Power the best employer in the power sector. It gives special Importance to the safety and health protection of all our employees. This kind of work culture provides risk free and a zero-incident workplace.

Our services

Metro Power Construction focuses primarily on Power line Construction, and also specializes in power distribution along with power line maintenance.

Metro Power Constructions did extensive work after the devastation caused by the hurricane Sandy .This involved restoration and maintenance of power lines and redistribution of power. A huge project was the erection of H-frame Power lines. While this was mostly replacement a lot of new lines were also constructed to provide ease of distribution of power in the areas specified. A lot of appreciation has also been garnered by for the ‘Cut out Replacement program’ where in a huge nationwide contract of updating and repairing all Transformer switches was granted to Metro Power.
While you may reach out to us for any of your problems, we are also registered as reputed service providers with the state and have and added benefits of having local presence in the functional areas.


You can reach out to us and we would be happy to have you join us. You can apply for a job as per your qualifications, and we would make you a part of our team. We are a growing organization and respect good manpower. We also ensure you that we would provide you competitive rates as per the industry rates.

Reach out to us

So while we continue to engage in the nation building service, we also provide services to the common man. Contact us now and we will have an expert talk to you. Our team and expertise will provide you customized solutions as per your needs.
Metro Power line construction has been a brand name in power construction and strives to improvise upon the techniques every day to attain competence in all working domains.

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